COBO INtouch

COBO INtouch

COBO Intouch is the new platform for advanced remote/local diagnostic, machine fleet control, geographical machine managements, geo localization and geo fencing.

COBO INTOUCH offers a cloud system based information system where it is possible to connect and control any number of machines type, anywhere in the world reached by 3G/4G or WiFi communication systems.

Machines lists and locations, global statistics:

  • Hours worked
  • Machines status
  • Location
  • Etc

Machine details:

  • Components lists status
  • Connection status
  • Hours and maintenance intervals
  • Main real time values

Real time monitoring page

  • Data loggers
  • Variable status
  • Events
  • Tracing and graphics
  • Alarms list
  • Alarms statistics: frequency, average, MTTF, etc

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