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Item COBO pn Description Price Website Price Quantity Image
11002001 43.33.0500A0.01 MC2M/11 Controller Buy
11003001 43.33.2200A0.01 LE70 Controller Buy
11008002 HEAD-CS/25 Controller Buy
11008005 43.32.0403A0.01 ARM-4/41 ON/OFF version Buy
1100D003 43.33.0400A0.0 UMAX/22, Redundanto EN280 access platform controller Buy
1100E006 43.32.1500A0.01 IO-CORE Slave controller Buy
11063003 45.A0.0001A0.01 ASA03C10B/25, Tilt sensor Buy
11080002 MIBOX01/11 automatic levelling controller Buy
11093001 43.32.0800A0.01 EXCEL-2D/13 Korblastüberwachung mit Doppelelektr. Buy
110B5003 34.0154.0000.01 PowerNode IO-Node 7/19 Buy
111A5001 44.00.0104A0.01 HTD65-02IH/51, Anzeigegerät farbig (Einbauversion) Buy
111A5009 VIEW-V01CI-V/12, Display Buy
111A5013 VIEW-D03CS-V/10, Display with IO Buy
12010012 ASA22V90B, Angle-Sensor X/Y 90° Buy
12010020 ASA10-180B/32 10-30V Angle sensor Buy
12010040 45.10.0000A0.01 ASA-CBS/33, Angle sensor 360° Buy
12010049 45.10.0214A0.01 ASA-CBHXYF-DS/21 Stainless Steel Buy
12014060 45.80.0502A0.01 CCTM-2P-CS-C01/**, cable reel 1,5m Buy
12016002 THEEYE-CB3/10, Laser- Catcher S Sensor Buy
12093001 45.30.0105XX.01 Y11 UN3K500AB, Ring load cell for EXCEL Buy
120E0014 Radio Schäkel 8.5t, 433,92 MHz Buy
120E0015 Radio Schäkel 13.5t, 433,92 MHz Buy
120F0018 Y11 SKL-TX30-2 Radio Schäkel 3 t, 868,3 MHz Buy
120F0013 Radio Schäkel 6.5 t, 868,3 MHz Buy
120F0014 Y11 SKL-TX85-2 Radio Schäkel 8.5t, 868.3 MHz Buy
120F0015 Y11 SKL-TX135-2 Radio Schäkel 13,5t, 868,3 MHz Buy
120F0017 Y11 SKL-RX1 Remote control for radio Schäkel 868.3 MHz Buy
120E0017 Remote control for radio Schäkel 433,92 MHz Buy
32002101 Traction Load cell, redundant ZMS 1.25t, Buy
32002102 Traction load cell, redundant 2t Buy
32002104 Traction load cell, redundant 6.25t, Buy
32002105 Traction load cell, redundant 10t Buy
32003426 Pin load cell, redundant 25t Buy
32003427 Pin load cell, redundant 12,5t Buy
32003428 Pin load cell, redundant 6,3t Buy
3200C004 Traction load cell, redundant, 50kN, 4...20mA Buy
3200C006 Traction load cell, redundant 25kN, 4...20mA Buy